Principal Investigator: Štefan Olejník (Department of Complex Physical Systems)
Investigators: Juraj Bohácik (Department of Theoretical Physics),
Lubomír Martinovic (Department of Complex Physical Systems)

Scientific goals of the project:

Many phenomena in elementary particle physics cannot be satisfactorily understood within the framework of perturbative quantum field theory. An important role is played by non-perturbative effects. These require novel approaches and computational methods, as well as mathematically consistent understanding of the structure of quantum field theory, gauge models in particular. The goal of the present project is to contribute to understanding of non-perturbative dynamics on the lattice, and in the light-front (LF) formulation. Main topics are: questions on the topological and Fock structure of vacuum states and its relation to colour confinement, and the problem of spontaneous symmetry breaking. To achieve the goal, we will use numerical simulations on the lattice, and operator methods of quantum field theory on the light front. Results will be published in prominent scientific journals. The project topic is closely related to international projects and cooperations of the investigators.

Recent publications of the investigators:
  1. J. Bohácik and P. Presnajder.
    Functional integral with phi4 term in the action beyond standard perturbative methods.
    Preprint (2005).
    (Archive: hep-th/0503235.)
  2. J. Bohácik and P. Presnajder.
    Nonperturbative approach to (Wiener) functional integral with phi4 interaction.
    Preprint (2005).
    (Archive: hep-th/0507129.)
  3. J. Greensite, S. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Confinement and center vortices in Coulomb gauge: analytic and numerical results.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 141 (2005) 170-176.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0408023.)
  4. J. Greensite, S. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Remnant symmetry and the confinement phase in Coulomb gauge.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 141 (2005) 199-204.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0407022.)
  5. J. Greensite, S. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Relations between the Gribov-horizon and center-vortex confinement scenarios.
    In: Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum VI, ed. by N. Brambilla, U. D'Alesio, A. Devoto, K. Maung, G. M. Prosperi, and S. Cerci (AIP Conference Proceedings 756, Melville, NY, 2005) 162-171.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0411032.)
  6. L. Martinovic.
    Analytic solution of the microcausality problem in Discretized Light Cone Quantization.
    Few Body Systems 36 (2005) 167-171.
  7. L. Martinovic and M. Luban.
    Causality, Poincaré invariance, and Goldstone theorem in DLCQ.
    Physics Letters B605 (2005) 203-213.
    (Archive: hep-th/0410096.)
  1. J. Bohácik and P. Presnajder.
    Remarks on independent value model.
    Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 54 (2004) 1061-1064.
  2. R. Bertle, M. Faber, J. Greensite, and S. Olejník.
    Center dominance in SU(2) gauge-Higgs theory.
    Physical Review D69 (2004) 014007.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0310057.)
  3. D. Chakrabarti, A. Harindranath, L. Martinovic and J. P. Vary.
    Kinks in discrete light cone quantization.
    Physics Letters B582 (2004) 196.
    (Archive: hep-th/0309263.)
  4. J. Greensite and S. Olejník.
    Adventures in Coulomb gauge.
    In: Color Confinement and Hadrons in Quantum Chromodynamics, ed. by H. Suganuma, N. Ishii, M. Oka, H. Enyo, T. Hatsuda, T. Kunihiro, and K. Yazaki (World Scientific, Singapore, 2004) 152-163.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0309172.)
  5. J. Greensite, S. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Coulomb energy, remnant symmetry, and the phases of non-Abelian gauge theories.
    Physical Review D69 (2004) 074506.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0401003.)
  6. J. Greensite, S. Olejník, and D. Zwanziger.
    Infrared divergent Coulomb self-energy in Yang-Mills theory.
    Preprint (2004), to appear in proceedings of Rencontres du Vietnam V, Hanoi, Vietnam, August 5-10, 2004.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0410028.)
  1. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Coulomb energy, vortices and confinement.
    Physical Review D67 (2003) 094503.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0302018.)
  2. J. Greensite and Š. Olejník.
    Center vortices at N>4 colors.
    Nuclear Physics (Proc. Suppl.) 119 (2003) 679-681.
    (Archive: hep-lat/0209138.)
  3. L. Martinovic.
    Kink-antikink in discrete light cone quantization.
    In: Light Cone Physics: Hadrons and Beyond, ed. by S. Dalley (University of Durham, UK, Report No. IPPP/03/71, DCPT/03/142, 2003) 55-58.

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